Dandelions are abundant!

I’ve been pulling heads off when seen but they are abundant everywhere so don’t worry about the bees in this tiny corner of LGC. They are buzzing in my ears and startling me when I’m out. There are loads of flowers appearing in the garden too! I’ve planted some fully flowering specimens but in case you feel a dandelion loss, here are a few…

Taraxacum officinale to be posh!

But the green bin needs collection from the street as it’s been emptied.

I will be trying to plant more of the things I’ve bought but I’m expecting more through the post. How long will I have to finish the new bed (using the twister to clear the couch grass roots) so it’s ready to receive more…

No more plant purchasing!

But I need to check behind the log pile for more of the yellow perils as they are running a bit wild! Watching out for furry friends back there too!

On the common

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