Have you had a GOOD Friday?

We went for a wander round the common with the dog. It’s so close and such a beautiful walk and then we headed into town. We saw Muntjac deer and the dog was confused, a lot. She kept not seeing us and having to check us all out and I think her sight and hearing are deteriorating. Poor old girl.

The dandelions were prevalent, we walked past lots of blossoming cherry trees. It was a truly beautiful walk and so many things made it a Good Friday. I hope everyone is enjoying it too. I have hesitated to attempt any more gardening but it’s true that little and often is helping. I’ve got lots of weighty work to clear that area I’ve been working on. It’s not going to beat me: I will tame it!

Muntjac was spotted
It was the only pic I could get of an aware daughter…

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