I had a really good appointment at the doctor today! She was not rushing me at all and actually listened when I explained my reasoning behind my reluctance to start any treatment that we discussed on the telephone appointment. She has suggested some actions I need to take and doing some exercise is considered to be doing more gardening! Win, win!

So I’ve got a few more agapanthus and some lilies to plant in the centre of the newest bed once I transport the soil and dig up the dead couch grass under the tarpaulin. Weightlifting and arm/chest exercises! And I seem to be kicking the fatigue of last week, so I’m a happy bunny!

I can’t wait for these irises to bloom! I’ve also spotted a bramble to cull…

Lots of things are popping through at different stages all over the garden and some areas are stubbornly not appearing. I may have to give up on chocolate cosmos as they are not appearing. And I’m still getting plants dug up by annoying animals/crows! It is really frustrating and I don’t understand why it’s happening…

My daughter has been crocheting little ducks woggles like crazy! And is creating a pattern so other people can make them… And the ducks came about from a bingo reference as they are Unit 22 (two little ducks…) so I’m not sure what names the other Herts units will have!

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