Stop, start, stop, hmm

(Sunday) has been lovely (no snow) but I am struggling with indecision. I gave a few things some attention but need to do more. Everything in my body could do with a jumpstart to get me going. I honestly don’t know whether my MS is ramping up or my reaction to the antivirals or even to having Covid is causing my body to rebel.

I woke up on Monday with aching legs and feeling uncertain whether I could put weight on them. But needs must and I have to carry on. Just wish I was on the two week Easter break my kids have. They will have to do jobs! No messing!

Theses tulips need moving!

Things weren’t all planted at the weekend but I managed a few things. The raspberry plants have been separated and planted. The area under the apple tree was cleared of leggy privet, ivy and spiky pyracantha. If we get raspberries there that will be fabulous as nothing nice grows there.

Several other raspberry were added to the veg beds. I added some herbs and we are not doing much yet as my seed planting hasn’t started… One day at a time but working 30 hours chews up a lot of daytime, hence how productive early evening seems to be. Yesterday being proof of that.

PS where did March go?

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