Ultimate Moan Day!

I had to drive to Welwyn Garden City to get a very uncomfortable scan. I arrived fractionally late I thought as the SatNav kept trying to get me to take the fastest route (A1M) which wasn’t the route I had planned. So despite this they said I was bang on time. And proceeded to spend the most uncomfortable half hour in the tube listening to the clangs (the earplugs didn’t make much difference) until I had reached my point of squeezing the control, ‘That’s it finished’ was announced to my relief.

Is this also Hawthorn? Spiky is everywhere… After the brown garden is emptied tomorrow, I have clear pruning to do…

I don’t think I am normally a flight risk but today pushed me to the limit! I just hope that the results are positive and the surgery I had was the right thing to do. Ironically they said they needed to attach a tablet to distinguish between where I had been operated on, but when I undressed they could see it wasn’t necessary. Obviously other people have a more cosmetic outcome…

So snow has been forecast. Hope it doesn’t kill my iris…

Told to drink lots to flush the dye out, I am trying but I’m getting the hints of a stinking migraine again. It probably doesn’t help being post-Covid…

Lots of tulips to come!

Driving home I missed the turning to take the route off motorways and ended up doing a couple of wrong turns which angered my SatNav no end. And so it kept telling me to turn around for most of the way home. I now have a seriously bad headache…

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