Madness of March almost at an end…

Having spent Mother’s Day with my Mother in Law and eating chocolate brownies and drinking wine, I am looking forward to my next planting or weeding session. I picked up some pansies and have had a few things still to complete in my rearrangement of things in the garden. We’ve had a few lovely weeks and there is now the threat of snow!

Tulips are coming through all over. I’m not sure whether it’s harmed them to not lift them but it’s not ultimately my idea of fun to have to dig bulbs up and put them in a dark place until February and replant them.

Leaves are starting to show up on my crab apple.
I love fritillaries and I’ve spotted a couple.

And I’ve had the phone call to beat all phone calls today regarding delivery of my drugs. I had received an email yesterday which I couldn’t remember answering (I hadn’t) asking about how much stock I had, when was the best time to deliver it etc, etc and it wasn’t on my priority list on my daughters birthday! So the phone caller wanted to know all the security answers like my date of birth which I don’t like giving to someone who is randomly calling ME. So I’ve written a stroppy email… Gr!

I managed to put up a banner!

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