Crow was spotted…

Digging up my clematis plant! Bounder! I wonder why it felt the need? And is that why my plants often seem to be uprooted. I think I will have to do a search to see why they feel the need to dig up certain plants.

We’ve had a lovely day with family and it makes me want to do more inviting again. I am going to have a summer party for my birthday. It was impossible to do any kind of an open house in the last two years and I quite like feeding people and being able to use our outdoor space. I’ve got plenty of time for sorting and planning. I shall start saving (as much as I can) and stop being too extravagant. It’s been lovely having some money to spend on the kids for a change, but its time to prepare for other things, expenses and essentials that crop up.

A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift!

We have agreed to try for healthier food and planning to try and all eat together instead of eating separately. Curly has agreed to start using her Korean cookbook as she says Korean food is healthy and she needs to anticipate the foods she might get in Seoul. Family is working together to make sure we can stay healthy.

I may be trialling some gardening products soon. I’ll let you know!
I took time off from gardening and made some brownies this morning… Not on our health kick!
I spotted him on the roof which would have been a great picture but this is outside…

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