Mothers Day 2023

I won’t be putting my feet up! We are raising some funds for Cs WSJ in Korea in 2023. If it involves selling ducks and cake it’s all going towards the very large sum of money needing raised. It’s scary how much to be honest. And I have a feeling I might struggle with the amount of baking needed. It’s going to be as much scones, Victoria Sponge and brownies as I can fit in my oven and complete in the weekend before opening up the Scout hut for Mothers Day. If it’s a success we might have to do it again next year!

Ducks are being crocheted as the group C is in are going to be called The Quackers!
Cancelled! Unfortunately no bookings were made!
A duck with a hat! Hat is extra.

I am hoping C will complete some of her little crocheted ducks to have on sale. We will have menus to order high teas and include info about the JustGiving page for donations. So much to think about!

PS we cancelled the cake sale 😞😞😞


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