I should go out?

Negative test! Yay! I was told it might be nine or ten days but all those vaccines, antivirals and vitamins have beaten it off! I feel blessed! Actually not quite blessed just extremely lucky. Garden muck here I come!!!

Think roses need pruning…

I’ve attacked some privet as well as some prickly brambles but it’s not making a hole in it. Some of the areas needing cleared of brambles would suit the roses I bought but my rooting compost hasn’t arrived…

I managed 40 minutes and now feeling eek! Which wasn’t part of the plan… And shouting at the kids wasn’t either but poor dog hasn’t been out much, down to isolation, and the evidence is clear. But having got it clear can I manage a grass cut? I don’t think I can dig… A headache is growing in strength, dang it!

Youngest missed a Scout activity and is busy finishing the bird box they all completed last week.

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