Lots of thoughts…(mostly Covid?)

It took a long time before Covid hit our family. I honestly thought we had either had it early or we were going to avoid it. I know I feel lucky personally to have gone through the short sharp shock of going for the antivirals yesterday but hubby just admitted he couldn’t taste the cheese on toast I just made for three of us. It was stuffed with loads of spring onions! I didn’t taste it strongly but I could tell it was well melted and warm enough to soften the onion, so they had a presence… hmm maybe my own tastebuds/sense of smell have been affected…

Laurel has buds…

I have been slugging back some home-sch-wooshed cola and I’m not tasting it the way I did last week. Grrr! One of a person’s favourite senses is being threatened. Will it help my waistline or stop me comfort eating? The pandemic pounds MAY fall off?

My readers are still logging in and I wonder how many can identify with the perplexing idea of getting Covid after the National precautions have been lessened. It’s harder to find the statistics now as the media seem to be following the path set by the Government and focussing on faraway events. Life at home isn’t so important any more…

My last selfie at the hairdresser – I’d give so much to be free to go to get my hair done…

Shall I buck the trend and manage to get into the garden tomorrow? Will I be able to plant something which needs planting? Haul out some weeds or prune some unwanted privet? Oh it’s easier to write it than to do it for sure

My daughter has received her first bit of Scout outfit for Korea… 2023!

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