A surprise freebie!

Gadgets were given out on my hospital visit, by the way. For measuring blood oxygen levels, I was given a bunch of leaflets and an oximeter. The things you put on you forefinger and wait for a reading. If it’s too low go to hospital/call the medical helplines! Don’t stay at home, unless it’s normal.

I have a lot of time for medics dealing with a panicked populace… They know more about the downsides than we can ever hope to. Sofa bound experts will still rush to get help if they think it’s needed or even when it’s not…

Alls well in GWL HQ. Our levels are ok. Our energy is through the floor, but the rain is keeping me indoors. Only venturing out with bins to be emptied. Brown bin only marginally filled unfortunately but I will fill it as soon as I can.

And a whole day has disappeared just like that. I haven’t been able to do more than punch a few words out. Please give me energy back – I miss it – and you all will know I’ve been bemoaning my fatigue or fatigar moments for a long time. So things aren’t as well as they could be. I’m glossing over the bad with a hint of irony – or fancy words – by dwelling on garden prettiness, when it blooms.

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