Glorious outside

It is certainly beautiful outside but I don’t think I need to dig, just enjoy. There is nothing like being told you must stay home for making you itch to be outside? And for shooting a few photos, and dropping my phone on slabs for making tiny cracks on the surface! Joys!

I have lots to do but so many reasons I’m finding to just enjoy. The daffodils are going bonkers and lit up by the sun, their little halos make it seem truly golden.

Buzzing abounded outside.

Things to do? Everything! I’m missing out on a team meeting today. Hey that’s okay, I’m signed off until next Monday! Which is when hopefully a delivery will send out some garden treats. I impulsively purchased things to help with getting over more bits of the garden, and which, hopefully will enable me to walk around a bit better over the muddy bits.

Hard landscaping helps! The dog wanders about, blindly trampling over my plants, and leaving little presents in amongst my weeds so I probably should look for disposable gloves and knee pads soon. With the warmer days coming in, I look forward to spending the evenings enjoying what’s been planted coming through. Would the previous garden owner approve? I hope so.

An area to tackle soon…
Roses and thorns and privet!

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