Four days in…

I wish… I wish I could jump back to energy but if you’ve had Covid or any treatments for it, the likely scenario is you have an underlying other health condition like me. I have a muggy head and I’ve managed to stand on my glasses! I feel sniffles and lethargy are normal for MS but I wanted the antivirals to banish them and give me some special powers. In yer dreams, lass!

I’m going to be thinking about all the stuff I could be doing and tiring myself out even more. I want to go and sit myself somewhere comfy but the garden’s too cold and the tv is on in the lounge. Neither appeals: I wish we had a little ‘sitooterie’ of my Scottish culture, but even that was has been put on hold due to pandemic supply shortages and the sheer cost of simple supplies (our fence panels last month attest to that). My income is making dents in existing debts and bills but not buying anything substantial.

Abandoned glove…

The faraway (and heartbreaking) battles in Ukraine have been adding to the prices jack-knifing here as petrol has reached its highest ever level. Thankfully I had filled up before needing shuttled to the hospital last night, but I am not confident of my ability to stomach £90+ petrol refills much more often.

Still after a chainsaw…

Where will it end?

Another thing to add to my tales of woe was the painful bruise I am developing over my left temple from trying to use my twirly garden gadget from a sitting position on the path: it swung up and walloped me really hard. It was a silly thing to try but even being in my 50th year, I still try shortcuts which invariably bite me in the rear! Tears were shed. I am a daft ‘bampot’. 😂

A violet?
Stuck in the corner to think about it’s ‘crime’!


  1. Hoping that you get to feel more normal again soon. It’s a slow process. I’ve escaped so far but lots of people I know have had it and there’s no rushing recovery. It lingers. Sending positive vibes. Loving the idea of a sitooterie! We’re finding the same rampant cost hikes with not just building materials, but everything. Hang in there.

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    • Thank you! Everyone is finding the cost of things outrageous! Wish I was an oligarch! I am finding days disappear and I don’t know what to say when people ask what I’m feeling like… more people saying they have it or have had it than the politicians would have you think!

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