Sat for quite a long time (3 hours, not 2.5) to get a 30minute infusion of antiviral medication which is meant to help my immune compromised body to fight Covid. It’s still not my destination of choice (hospital) regardless of restrictions easing but I was offered it and I took it!

Irises and tulips looking healthy!
Not sure what these are…

Still feeling very much like the patient nobody wants to treat, I have had to remind myself that it’s not on my records that I faint when my kids are the patients! I am doing this to potentially fight off the virus and get stronger. And the nurses have been lovely. They seemed surprised that I had been told on the phone not to eat or drink for two and a half hours before the appointment starts. Which means that the appointment running late means my hunger is growing exponentially!

Hopefully this will give me some energy for the garden tomorrow as I am isolating for 5 days or until I have 2 clear LFT strips…

We are still sheltering and staying low key. It’s a strange feeling knowing I got those extra drugs and hubby didn’t, as his breathing is lots worse than mine. Again the diagnostic criteria is vague, and the 84 year old who joined me for the end of my session last night hopefully got away before midnight as he was satnavving from Bishop Stortford…

Tete a tetes
P.S.A friend helpfully supplied the name, which I don’t know. Where did it come from? Not remembered as a Woolworths purchase…

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