Despite feeling bleurgh, I managed to …

Plant some chocolate cosmos, and anenomes. I am going to have to go to the Garden Society shop tomorrow and pick up some more compost and manure as I am running out. I have been enriching and trying to get the clay broken up. I’ve been hauling out that nasty nameless grass as fast as it grows back and I definitely felt better this evening than I did this morning.

Oldest and I nipped out so the anniversary present and the youngest’s birthday presents were bought local. The youngest has been welded to the sofa but she is feeling better so we are hoping she has made it through without issue. Her coughing is horribly crackly, but it seems to be easing.

I have noted that I have been planting things correctly if last nights GW is understood. I am excited to see the new things settling into the garden and it makes me feel like I am doing some things right.

I picked up a LOT of these today…

I might even try some more seeds too! I heard from my mum this morning and she was telling me they are also managing to plant lots in Spain, though it is warmer and so she is growing osteospermum already. I’d love to go out and see my family in Spain but it might have to wait a bit…

Privet needing chainsawed! Hubby said he’d do the laurel!

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