Lurgy struck!

I am feeling rubbish I’m not going to lie, but not as rotten as my youngest who tested positive for COVID on Tuesday. Her school has a very large clump of positive cases, including staff, so it’s still around despite the removal of all restrictions. I hate to say I predicted it, but I seriously doubted the logic behind dropping all of the restrictions so arbitrarily and so suddenly. Hey it’s still around, be sensible!

A spot on the sofa has been my daughters perch ever since, as her bed is difficult to be poorly in to be honest. Cabin beds seemed like a good thing when we ordered it… her room is very tiny but she is messier than all of us combined.

Will I feel well enough tomorrow to do some gardening? Hmm not so sure. I’ve been watching the first edition of Gardeners World to try and convince myself to plant seeds. I have a lot of things to plant. I keep picking them up? But I must pop out for an anniversary card… and a ten year olds eleventh birthday. I think online shopping will be involved!

We were planning a meal out but the tests are still positive after four days. She has to show negatives for two days running to be considered clear. So we’ll be having a takeout. I will try to get outside and have some fresh air today. I picked up some roses from a garden site (I know…) as well as some raspberry bushes and a fig tree from a local friend. Along with lots of other things in little boxes, I have things to plant as soon as I can. C’mon energy, please return!

Everything is blue and yellow in support of Ukraine!

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