Rain stopped play!

It’s not great weather today so I popped along to the local garden supplies store with my oldest. I got some compost and manure to start to enrich the soil in the areas I’ve planted new bulbs and corms.

I got excited when my husband said he’d chainsaw that laurel I’ve been decimating but after coughing terribly yesterday, he tested positive for Covid today. So a chainsaw isn’t getting used today! Oh well, it’s my turn next but my test only showed a faint line after 30 minutes, so I better do another test tomorrow. Fingers crossed it won’t be positive…

As it’s still damp I need to work out how much I should try to get done. Yesterday was really productive in the early evening. I still need to work out where to put all the cuttings from the privet and the laurel.

Our family has degenerated into watching repeats on tv. Ad infinitum. So many episodes of The Big Bang Theory I’ve seen before. But the kids are knitting and creating at the same time and there are gadgets in operation. Not really a good thing but unless it really has stopped drizzling, I don’t think there is any way the chainsaw is getting used by me though!

Some of those are tulips 🌷

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