March planting, weeding, snipping, and planning!

I’ve spent a bit of time in most parts of the garden today. I’ve had the lawnmower out and I’ve moved some paviors. That bed I’ve been working on in the back is quite swish and I’ve made a border around it. I’ve pulled up lots of grass I don’t want and planted a magnolia in the front. Tulips are coming through all over and I’m conscious of the ones I meant to move…

I spotted these bulbs bloom!
That looks neater!

My energy levels are not super high. My moods have not been great and it would be nice to actually meet up with some more friends- on Friday a friend did come round but it being around school getting out and before an evening of Scouting drop offs there was lots going on.

Lots of this stuff was hauled out!

I am not so energetic today as yesterday three of us went out out and had our first curry in a restaurant for ages. We had a curry delivered on Friday which was Jerk Chicken and curried goat which I’ve never had. The curry hating child was away for a 2night camp so we made the most of it!

Looks better when you can see the tulips!

So am I feeling bloated today? Just a bit! But I’ve got to just accept I get to do little and often to completely change our outdoor space, and remember that last March we had snow. Fingers and toes crossed we are going to enjoy a warmer spring this year.

Lots of spiky has been culled but it’s like living in some Snow White film where it seems to be popping up all over… to prick me when I am not being careful!

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