March is still cold… and wet!

It’s going to need a trip to get more gravel and I’d like to put a border round the newly planted bed. I picked up some more perennials and bulbs which need a bed cleared of weeds? That is a constant in my outdoor space regular readers will know.

The things I picked up are mainly white and blue and could be dropped into the round bed in the front garden if I wasn’t frightened of the ants which were so obvious last year. It also needs clearing of unwanted growth. This is easier when things start to grow properly.

I’m not sure what causes things to die in that bed (are the ants killing things?) and it gets quite strong sun in the mid afternoon. I’ve tried to plant trees in there but none have survived. Neighbours have decorative little trees in their gardens so it is possible but maybe I need to rethink the variety.

The area we cleared for a shed has obviously got some deeply buried bulbs.

Materials currently are hard for me to come by for our projects. Lockdown has seen people doing lots of building work and so builders are hard to find and as our replacement fence panels testify, the prices have tripled since the new panels bought by our neighbour in 2019. I shall see whether I can visit a reclamation yard soon!

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