I don’t like drama! Happy St David’s day!

The world is going to pot! Bombs falling into historic sites in Ukraine while our PM rushed to Poland to meet EU leaders. Britain seems a long way off being a world power anymore and the PM is blatantly running away from the rumblings about Partygate and how many times he has lied…

Has Putin got health issues? Has he taken steroids to try and fight something off which has given him delusions? Hundreds of tanks pouring into Yviv. And thousands of Russian troops dead. Hundreds of kids killed. All rumours whirling around the news desk!

Plus in news closer to home the school places results are in. My daughter will find out when she gets home. I am feeling a ‘banquet-worthy splurge’ at the biggest supermarket on school pickup run today. Lucky my contract extension was confirmed and some funds went into my bank account. After so many years on temporary hours, I feel justified in splurging on ‘us’.

Need to get some rooting compound… privet looks happy though!

Anyone local fancying a coffee or lunch sometime is a possibility too. Or I can buy some more things to plant, or slabs, sand and gravel to do a GWL makeover! I’ve seen things I like on the garden makeover shows. A pergola appeals and slabs which can be laid between grass or herbs? Yes, my brain is whirring and it’s better than dwelling on atrocities.

Trips to see people are becoming more likely but kids passports are needed. Maybe that’s my priority really, when my relatives are in different parts of Spain and Scotland.

Hawthorn has fully blossomed!

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