Changed my shopping habits…

I picked up my eldest from school today which, due to storm Franklin, was because it was still too wild for her to cycle. And I thought I’d visit an alternative supermarket while out. And there were little plants to excite me! So I picked up six lavender and six herbs (2 each of rosemary, thyme and oregano) which were relatively cheap. I only had a basket so I had to be sensible…

That was my first seeding purchase this year. Cheap at one of our bargain supermarkets…

I have seeds for all of these but I quite like having little plants to introduce plants quickly. And I have ideas burning holes in my budget! I have garden boxes to fill! Plus I am trying to get rid of grass… and this damp weather makes it easier to haul couch grass out.

The fence panels are getting replaced tomorrow (I phoned up and added another panel to the delivery) so I will see whether I want to get mucky tomorrow lunch… (I doubt it) and I am excited by getting rid of more grass, but it is happening organically, and bit by bit. It’s going to take time to do a lot of these things, but it happens quicker while I have an income! I have a contract til September, despite the relaxing of all restrictions being imminent. Our PM is desperate for his ratings to go up so he’s not quoting ‘the science’ anymore, so the recovery from a COVID infection also doesn’t need isolation? I really don’t want to be on the opposite side of any real ‘science’ but I don’t want to get COVID now either, when it seems I won’t get any excuses to hide from everyone, and I’m more likely to be really ill because MS challenges my immunity.

Daffodils are flowering all over.

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