End of the longest January EVER…

Some money was spent, not on garden-related things but on things with garden motifs. Nobody can blame me for showing off but even the lady at my checkout wanted the duvet which was ridiculously priced for a King size set and I will regret not getting two sets!

Denim with flowers on 🌻

But I also got some needed jeans which have lovely cosmos-shaped blooms on. Oh and some bits of clothing for my soon to be older teen, but I am schtum on those in case somehow she reads my blog (which I doubt because it’s normally ‘Gardens innit’) and by now she knows my blog is not for her.

I am feeling kind of angry about the government standing by Boris McBluster who is shamelessly trying to shirk from doing the right thing, but then he hasn’t achieved anything dramatic in the whole time he’s held office, so why would he behave honourably now?

The published report is blatantly saying there was wrongdoing, so how can he STAY in charge?

Bamboo 😃

I promise some gardening is going to be done this week! It’s only Tuesday! And the sky has been technicolour!

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