Asking questions and keeping secrets!

Life today means making decisions based on half truths and gut reactions. Often we have been told the rules but they become guidance within a few days. Who follows the rules anyway? It would seem the rules were made to be broken and it’s quite disturbing who broke rules the most. I believe I am quite law-abiding but I now find it hard to comprehend the lies and obfuscations that we have been subjected to.

I have had a photographic memory in the past but I can read something several times over now and promptly forget it making a cup of tea. I should start to use that when people ask whether I am following the rules? ‘This morning I read a rule but I can’t remember it.’ I am pleased to say that I am doing my best; I play lots of games that are meant to improve my recall and reflexes, scrabble to improve my word power and strategising but it is an open playing field when dealing with members of the public.

It is horribly cold so I find it hard to get moving a lot of the time. Sunshine has been an unexpected pleasure today!

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