Seeds! Veggies and Flowers!

Random seeds which were dropped in the letterbox: Gaura, poppies, scabious and rudbeckia!

I will keep on trying to grow rudbeckia as I love the daisy shape. It’s yellow so goes against my preferred palette but my rules aren’t hard and fast.

I have realised my front garden has changed a lot in six years. There are loads of phormiums now which given the huge phormium that was already here in the side box of the driveway, obviously thrive in the light and windy conditions of the front of the house.

This is probably 3 or 4 years planted but it has been overcrowded so I need to sort it…

I need to get rid of a few thorny shoots which have appeared but it’s hard to find the source. Another job for when it is possible to sit and methodically prune the spiky shoots and drop them into the newly emptied green bin (which is collected tomorrow) as small and compacted as I can be bothered to snip them. (Two weeks between collections means I can fill it quickly.) Currently it has a lot of my decimated laurel.

My newly purchased compost bin has to be assembled by two people but the layers are in position for putting together at the weekend. I make no excuses for the semi assembled pieces (it’s not going to collapse like cardboard) but I don’t have four arms! The box it came in had French and German instructions so I’ve possibly missed a clue that would help?

That mahonia is not going to be missed, or the bush beside it which I love the foliage of, but I would love them to be growing elsewhere, but they obviously like the places they occupy. I don’t think I thought I’d change the garden so much as I have but we are coming up to seven years here in the spring. Six years surely! Wow!

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