Ten minutes outside is more than enough but coming inside feels warm where I was starting to shiver before I took some bits out and recycled some cardboard. I bought a new compost bin and I think I’ll put it at the opposite end of the garden to the others.

Temporary job as it is a 2-person assembly in reality and I was getting stabbed by prickly mahonia. That is on my cull list but it’s actually starting to bloom. Yellow means it falls off my wanted list. But I think it’s been a result of pruning that we are now getting blooms. But in January? Late autumn to early winter apparently if you Google it. But it’s prickly so not a good bush to site a compost beside? I will have a think.

Those black pins need to go through the loops of the sections below! 2 person job!

I still have some bulbs to stick into the ground but it is colder than yesterday. Nothing I want to do involves getting a cold or being cold. The bed that I am creating needs couch grass twisting with my claw but that isn’t a job for a day like we’ve been having. Fingers crossed the weekend goes back to the record breaking weather which is probably a sign of global warming. Gr!

Strip of the garden on the pavement! Thanks for littering fellow citizens!

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