Black leaf clearing?

Shall I make a promise to myself to collect the leaves next year and turn them into leaf mould? Having spent a good hour clearing them off the greenhouse path it’s probably an idea. But unlike some of the houses I’ve visited as a gardener I don’t yet have an area hidden from sight that is accessible and easy to get the bags out of yet. Projects I can’t ask about (in another persons head) mean that I am not sure what is a good storage slot yet.

Big bag of sand to use up! (3+ years we’ve had it!)

So I do my bit of tidying and sit in the sun. I have a thick padded jacket I am using for gardening now so that my January digging and soil mixing is making me fitter, not sicker. I am, touch wood, feeling better when I do this stuff, but it does encourage my spending on hard landscape materials which will like the paving slabs be left unfinished but as a constant reminder of my impetuous spending. I can’t buy things I can’t lift! We can’t afford garden labour either, despite my wish list having garden maintenance and bathroom cleaning firmly at the top!

Photo taken from an abandoned chair!)

Life today means making decisions based on half truths and gut reactions. Often we have been told the rules but they become guidance within a few days. Who follows the rules anyway? It would seem the rules were made to be broken and it’s quite disturbing who broke rules the most. I believe I am quite law-abiding but I now find it hard to comprehend the lies and obfuscations that we have been subjected to.

Who to believe? I will hopefully choose wisely. But I saw a really funny Line Of Duty skit (I don’t watch the programme but maybe I should) with some cunningly crafted clips of the Prime Minister being questioned by Aidan Dunbar. So many people question his credibility! I can’t believe he is still in power…

It’s easier being in the garden I swear! I don’t need that photographic memory that used to help me work. Just as well as the things MS steals include that one. I can play as much Scrabble, MahJong and Solitaire online as I can. Keeps me thinking and stretching those brain muscles!

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