Presents Wrapped!

It’s a first! Lots of things wrapped and it’s five days away. I have been sent money from a few distant relatives so that involves wrapping things from them. Thank you everyone! Next year I will look at other ways of doing this in a more eco-friendly way but maybe I am too used to the old ways to change?

It was seriously foggy in Letchworth today!

I have been out to visit the Christmas tree festival in town. Lots of ideas for bauble alternatives! But it was SO quiet in town and there were hardly any businesses open, which I was surprised about, but yesterday was the big lights on tractors parade round town for charity (we missed it) so perhaps I got myself thinking it was continuing today.

I still have three working days til my holiday starts. I’m not sure what to expect. It’s such an unexpected thing for me to still be working over Christmas and dealing with the unknown in terms of the COVID situation, which is still difficult to predict. I’ve got to live with an inflammatory condition which often surprises me, so adding that uncertainty to my work life shouldn’t be hard, but it is.

I love my light up gonk!

I am optimistic that we will get to enjoy a bit of freedom this week but that is not for sure. We haven’t managed to do an online shop so that will be the joyful outing that hubby will do over the next few days. Hopefully that won’t be too traumatic for him. Fingers and toes crossed many times over!

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