Not quite Cold and Crisp and Even?

So with the 25th creeping in on us really fast, I feel more organised by this time than I EVER do. I’ve even posted Christmas cards before the deadline. And my stamps were astronomical in price. Luckily I haven’t used them all, so I might still be able to post things in days to come… Or fudge it by doing something philosophical on Facebook or Instagram.

Last years post office toppers!

I’m not going to boast about having many presents wrapped (I have done a lot so far) as I know there’s still a panic over gifts needing posted and I haven’t done those yet, though something I did order has arrived already. It’s a bit hit or miss. And makes me think electronic is the way forward. And the last year has left people struggling and missing loved ones, so I won’t imply or state that everything is wonderful all over.

I still have work to do but the school sent out a missive to say that we won’t be penalised for not sending the kids back in on Monday 20th as so many local schools are closed. The two my kids attend are open, so I can just send another email to confirm that.

So let’s just live in the moment and enjoy what we can before the news tells us all the bad stuff piling up for January. As I just popped out and did neighbours cards, I can tell you it’s not that Cold out there – I didn’t put my coat on. Despite the flurries in November, no cold records are being challenged today. Little chance of snow today! White Christmas? Not round here! Sending seasonal cheer to my new and longtime readers!🎄🎄🎄🎄

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