Dark and darker…

December is a funerals month I believe, but many have not said goodbye to their bereaved families over the last few years in the usual ways. I have a day off to accompany my husband to his uncle’s funeral and we have had a really bumpy start when neither child managed to take themselves to school! Argh! Wasn’t in the plan…

I’ve written lots of these lovely Shelter Christmas cards…

Advent calendars missed and keys checked, they got to school, eventually. But our first meeting with this part of the family for over two years meant a lot of catching up. Testing by LFT might have to take over for the next few days as a younger member of the family tested positive early in the week, and lots of precautions had taken place to keep us all safe. But as we all said today we don’t know how safe the gathering was, but we are going to try and get together again between Christmas and New Year.

I had a few glasses of wine so I am hoping for a hangover-free day tomorrow if possible as I have to work. And it’s a weird feeling as I’ve not really had to worry about that for so many years. Workplace Christmas working etc is a long-ago experience as I’ve been doing such adhoc work while the kids were small. I won’t be looking at my email tonight (I could!) to see if we are busy, or working from home. Hoping for the latter🤞if I’m honest.

Gardening tasks are far from my mind but I’ve been sent lots of ideas helpfully on my social media, which is using my algorithms to work out that I’m a keen gardener. Lots of lovely expensive things! Which gardeners’ can afford of course, especially ones with regular work…

One of my presents is a mystery. Not even the purchaser knows what the bookshop had wrapped up as a mystery present, but my daughter liked the idea of mummy getting a mystery book. Merry Bookmas!

A friend posted this. As a relatively recent dog owner, I can appreciate how dogs on the loose make me feel. And it’s different days to my previous dog-owning as a teenager in a sleepy seaside town in Scotland…

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