A hole under the shed…

It’s only tiny but there is a lot of soil has been moved…

I lost all my oomph yesterday and I really don’t know where it went. I did a couple of walks similar to a marshal walk around a town centre, and it stole my garden time as I had nothing left. We dropped my youngest daughter at a sleepover and she could have been doing all manner of activities (that made me feel tired) from bowling to swimming to film. I feel tired just thinking about it!

Berries are plentiful.

I am weighing up how much I can do today as we have collecting the sleepy one in a couple of hours and if we take the dog she gets really slow at halfway point. She’s an old lady now. And I need to also apply that to my own energies and work out how many spoons I have used.

The downfalls have been chomped.

There are things I can do but I’m being honest with myself too; am I still chasing teaspoons when I need a few big scoops for my energy to do the things I think I can do? I am just not getting the energy I need for finishing it all. Which frustrates me. People who have spent lockdown redeveloping big plans and rebuilding or painting houses to new degrees of chic, I salute you, but our clutter has deepened and the shed building hasn’t happened either. One step forward six steps back is our pattern now…

Energy tips will help if anyone has any?

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