Trailing over the bushes…

There are some seriously spiky brambles… their roots are at the back of the biggest bushes and it’s not like I want to keep the bushes of privet, just that they grow dramatically big and pulling them out completely will be a monster job. I can do it in October, which will be seriously close if I blink. I am going to start going to the tip more regularly if I am more at home under the new job guidelines.

Not so much travelling it seems, so the winter may see some serious garden changes? If I can find a bit more energy from somewhere? And if it stays temperate… by the amount of berries on trees, it’s supposed to mean winter will be cold, as the berries show the trees are going into self-preservation mode. The bushes I don’t want to keep? But maybe I need to look at those bushes and cultivate them in different ways? Maybe rather than composting them I need to take the berries and grow a little knot garden?

We added this insulation inside the shed to try and keep it a bit warmer this year.

Roses grow well where they’ve been planted but all the new plants and trees I’ve introduced have done badly. Or maybe I’m not thinking about tending things enough? I experience fatigue all the time now and I do find hours go past when I’m not actually doing much. This is the truth of post-pandemic life – I have very little contact with friends in person and even had to turn down my friend’s kind offer of Chelsea tickets on Friday which clashed with other appointments and a work Teams. How I regretted that, though watching on tv the crowds kind of looked like pre-pandemic numbers and I’m not sure how safe it would have felt.

I have to stop getting sucked into computer-based activities (I won’t stop blogging!) but it is so very hard? I must make some resolutions now – and not wait until 31st December – to try and spend time looking at changing my habits before I get stuck in the habits which spoil me! I can be a keyboard warrior with gusto but I need to put my fingers to different uses. My mum keeps mentioning coming to see us and if we can get over different regulations she has in Spain and the relaxing of the vaccine passports, she might come and spend some time here this year. I will not be asking her to help me dig things up!

Watching on telly felt safer… but sad I feel that way?

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