I got the lurgy!

Not a COVID post, but ironically after my busy afternoon pulling up other people’s weeds, and my trip to Boots for my flu jab, I watched the Strictly opener and a bit of Saturday night telly and fell victim either to my daughter’s sickness or a new food allergy! I am not feeling great but I am not obligated to do much in our garden as the rain is spitting.

Rain is helping the new tree bed in!
Oops! Neglected hostas!

Not the best patient when it is unknown; am I going to be sick tonight? (The pattern of Squeak’s illness) or is it a one-off? Who knows, but the rain gives me an excuse. I can’t even cut the grass…

I want to upgrade my phone at the moment but I can’t get the website to accept me as a customer? And it’s the one I keep getting calls about upgrading my home broadband and entertainment package, so you can tell I’d much rather go to a shop and speak to someone in the same space, rather than the other side of the world. I’d like to upgrade my phone so that it can help my interests but I feel it’s not going to be easy.

Wandering briefly with my secateurs I snipped at a few brambles hanging over the privet. I really want to dig up the privet, I’ve offered it to a friend but I think it’s too big for me to dig it myself.

We have a gadget to be used for pile digging and that will be used for the shed corners, but no form of mechanical digger is being sought for these temporary jobs.

But after yesterday, and the visit to my MIL, I realise I quite like being the gardener who goes in and pulls out the menaces which try to overtake gardens… and it’s satisfying to do so. So I will offer those service when it’s needed!

Looking good after my husband dug it some more yesterday.

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