Weeding another friend’s garden!

I hope it stays bright and sunny, but not too hot, while I attack some brambles. Have my tough gloves, can travel! A five-minute (?) drive will take me to a friend’s house, where I am helping her partner take the garden back. My friend will stay inside as it’s currently not accessible for her as she uses a wheelchair most of the time.

I cleared this pile!

Which would make me terribly sad. I cannot imagine life without outdoor space, and I am hugely grateful not to be restricted by my mobility. I’ve been seeing so many posts recently about people newly diagnosed with MS who think their life is over. Far from it, they are closer to cures than ever before and so many dmds can stop progression in its tracks.

Path is needing cleared for a wheelchair.

Stay away from stress! Eat well, exercise if you can and don’t let MS take over. After 14 years I can say I follow my own advice some of the time. I have been guilty of thinking things are MS when they aren’t, ignoring things which were actually something quite bad. But I try not to dwell. That would not be good for my glass half-full attitude.

So two hours pulling up ivy and filling green (brown) bin with garden waste and I am bushed! I didn’t see my friend as she stayed inside but the garden isn’t accessible for her and her partner due to my favourite weeds. I hauled and snipped lots of ivy and chopped up lots of brambles.

I’ll have a lie down before I head for my flu jab… which was brought forward from next weekend. No time to rethink when they phoned first thing to change the appointment! I might have to go buy cake as my reward!

The compost bin has been pushed through my friend’s hedge!
A lot of bushes have been cleared but now this pile needs chopped up smaller.

I will go back and do more. Hearing what neighbours have been doing, I am quite shocked. They have been trying to claim some space for their own gardens by moving compost bins through the hedge! The property has been owned for a long time by my friend’s family but the neighbours have been trying to claim parts of their garden, saying it is not owned by them, it’s common land. Oh, sometimes other people make me cross!

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