Talking to other Gardeners…

There was a Veg Up Front Stall among the Green Festival in Letchworth today. I went along for a few hours but I faded after three. I loved seeing so much enthusiasm for the produce we were giving out and it’s something that is for sure growing in people’s conscience, that it’s not sustainable to live the way we do.

Our local theatre group were singing!

However my body was challenged by getting stung. Or bitten I’m not really sure. We were close to the Community Garden and surrounded by lavender so it could have been a hornet a wasp or a bee. And now I’m feeling a lot of pain. What didn’t help was not having any food. I had a protein bar and a couple of slices of cheese today as I didn’t have breakfast. But offered a Pot Noodle or a samosa from the garage isn’t really getting my tastebuds going either. I don’t know what bit me but it’s stinging now. Some Antisan was applied.

I don’t like to write off days but it’s ironic that I thought my job was going to involve being present at festivals like today, but realistically, I struggle to do more than a few hours at a time. MS has really stolen a lot from me. I’m still fighting it but it fights me back. My phone had died so I didn’t really get many pics. But I got lots of advice from keen Gardeners and advised some eager amateurs like me…

People were surprised by free herbs and produce!

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