Proof! Rats in the Attic! Noises in the night were our vermin!

Feeling a little bit weirded out! There are droppings in the attic… and our weekend is likely to be a bit different. I think we need to take some rubbish to the tip but it’s not ideal on a bank holiday weekend. I might ask for some positive thoughts to get me through.

We need to Chuck Out the contents of some sheds for sure. We need to unbury those heads we’ve stuck underground and clear stuff out to charity, tip and general waste. In normal times I’d do a garage sale but I’m not sure they are happening at this time. Maybe we should just put things outside and see if anyone takes them?

And these towering dandelions are gone too!
That’s about a third off .

So I’ve picked up lots of downfalls, which were nibbled, to add them to the compost. And I’ve given myself ‘buddleia cough’ by attacking the bush the dog lies under which is darkening my littlest daughter’s room. We are having issues with that room as it’s the attic access and traps are set to catch our stealthy vermin. Tidy, tidy, tidy is also today’s goal. But if anyone has some ideas for making tidying less onerous, when it HAS to be done, I’d love to hear them. Maybe the chart needs trying again.

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