How do we get rid of Vermin?

We had issues in our first year when rats chewed through our toilet waste and flooded the bathroom. We have suspected something was living in the garden as the dog has chased/been overly interested and I have seen burrow marks by the compost.

Golden rod is also an unwelcome invader…

Well yesterday one was behind the kitchen units… and I thought my husband was optimistic when he said it hopped inside when the door was open… well another was spotted on top of the fridge so we have to address the idea that there has been ingress. They might even be in the roof, which might explain noises I have heard in the darkest, small hours of the morning. There are stats that you’re never more than a few feet from a rodent, but these figures are too small for me now.

These are unexpected blooms!

A company is expected this afternoon. I don’t think this is an easy job, as if they are in the hub roof a myriad of possibilities are offered. I am feeling a bit uneasy at the possibilities and the proximity. Eek! My nerves are a mess. Plus this is an expense we could do without.

A beaut!

People might say ‘live and let live’ which was what we were thinking while they were outside. Invading the interior isn’t okay. I’ve hoovered and tidied but we haven’t had the visit yet. All day! I am anxious and nervous… we might have to block holes over the weekend… not an ideal bank holiday activity for sure.


All pictures taken today and no rats were harmed at the time of writing.

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