My insomnia is spiking!

I really don’t want to wake up at 4 am… and it’s made worse by hearing scrabbling behind the walls/ceilings and cupboards. I had an almost plan for griddling some more of the shed base, which has weeds as aquilegia self-seeded all over. I am being very meticulous about transferring the soil so that I minimise the weed transfer. The plants from Wisley and my birthday are patiently growing and I have hopes this bed will be different.

Nighttime images.
Just needs some Black-eyed Susan?
Additions to the compost!

It has taken us a long time to weed, riddle and enrich the soil before transferring it. We definitely want to have several more similar beds around the garden. I don’t really want to put the wrong things in and we are monitoring my birthday trees as one seemed to have leaf fungus which has been treated. Weeding is going to be constant as the back of the area we will put a shed onto, has a bindweed problem which we are trying to minimise but roots are low lying and really hard to pull out.

Hubby is making us a sieve/shaker/riddle!

I am optimistic that under the soil is more concrete as the prongs of my soil turner seems to be hitting something solid. Ironically the shed would be well placed if it is.

It’s involved some garden centres hunting for a sturdy riddle to sieve the weeds/roots from the earth but there was not one to be found. Perhaps they are all being sent to Gardeners World Live 2021… I was at 2019 and spent a lot! And the edition on the radio of Gardeners Question Time was about the chopping of buddleia. Yes I planted a thug but we’ve stopped it reaching the eaves. Could this have given an access point?

Maybe the lights are encouraging our furry visitors? We all heard scratches from the attic last night.

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