Something is causing things to Appear!

Little gems are growing in our garden! It needs a LOT of weeding but September is proving to be a time for unexpected blooms! Or actually my planting has taken root and it’s going to add my stamp to the garden. I’ve seen some very different gardens during our holiday and it’s made me proud of the changes I’ve introduced and hopeful for the things I can still introduce in the coming months as it’s still worth introducing more of the things that work?

My bank balance looks healthier but it’s not a full-time wage, so completing the kids new term school clothes has taken a chunk, and I will do other things to stop that new found money from disappearing too quickly! I need to sort out the seeds I haven’t planted before I start looking at my local Woolworths seeds and bulbs and rhizomes.

The front garden is overrun with golden rod. Like the valerian, I thought I’d eradicated it (I haven’t), this is a regular August/school holiday surprise, I don’t like this one. It’s yellow for one thing… But my gardening calendar doesn’t have months without culling or weeding, or filling that brown bin.

Under the willow.

I have less time due to the hours I am working. I really thought it was going to be three days but five days working a little bit is a real bind. I have to make the best of it. I didn’t go out with the others today as I had to go to Cambridge for blood tests. Amazingly the results were emailed to me today. I like my MS treatment being based in Cambridge as we were able to combine my test with school clothes shopping for my oldest. Wow how expensive was that? You’d get the idea that you only get fleeced when it’s the official uniform but trainers, school shoes and trousers was a small fortune. Now I have to hope we haven’t gone off-piste with the boots I am assured are ok (dad is sceptical). I get stressed by school emails…

Our Cambridge trip involved street food. I needed it after blood test. Who knew drinking before makes it easier to take blood…

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