My weeding life!

I have lots to plant! So weeding I MUST! It’s difficult to pass the flowers by when I yearn for more colour, less wild stuff. The garden has lots of heat when it is sunny. Which tends to fry things. But if I am patient things also reappear that I think are gone. But it’s not good to be impatient, some things like to reappear, some things disappear. I thought I had successfully planted a few passionflowers but they haven’t survived. The things appearing which I didn’t plant are plentiful, and the bees love them… hey-ho!

Guerrilla weeding after 9pm! And that involved lots of white stems…

And next week I go to RHS Wisley! A trip I am looking forward to immensely. I don’t know if it will involve plant purchases, but given my penchant, I would say it’s highly likely! Oooh how exciting! I haven’t made a trip like this on my own in such a long time!

I guess that means I better do that weeding! I tried to start on Siobhan’s patch. It is filled with weeds at the moment, so I need to pull out lots of things without damaging things we’ve put in. I’ll try and put shells around, and dig up roots or the things that want to take over. And there’s lots that have! I have to be careful as that side of the garden gets hot, and has little shade except for from my new crab apple tree (which I hope is going to be okay in its new place). I better go and water…

Lights strung round the apple tree!

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