Weeding on a hot day? Definitely in spurts…

There is so much to be said for doing everything in stages. I have been out and cut the grass, but the battery has run down so it’s not finished. I have chunks of long grass which need strimming but I did the mower first. Telling myself to follow the stages doesn’t mean I do!

Weeds are coming trough the soils that have been thoroughly rotavated. Well the weeds (bindweed) have long roots so I will be pulling those out forever. Do I need to invest in more thick black underlay and lay it over those troubled areas? I don’t want to live with great black patches, so no, weeding is going to be my constant, unless I use my new income to pay a gardener who specialises in weeding to come in and do that, and that only, while I spend the rest of my time watering.

It’s not easy this gardening lark, when you have done all you can to keep yourself healthy and you have a condition that saps your energy and through fatigue, leaves you with sleep that doesn’t refresh you, and insomniac episodes that cause your anxiety to skyrocket. I want the beautiful garden to relax in. Maybe I need a different job!

Bees love this!
Someone has been chomping on this!

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