Beetroot from the front!

Veg Up Front is a new initiative I joined. We’ve set up the barbecue on the hottest day this year, and salad has grated beetroot and chard leaves in it, from the front garden as well as some carrots from our veg beds out back. I love the curly shapes of home grown carrots and I now know they need a sandy low compost as they grow round stones or gravel.

Downside of grating fresh beetroot!
The hammock is well liked today!

School holidays start very soon but tomorrow is my girls sports days, neither of which are parents invited to. Shame I normally burn to a frazzle on such days! I now do it weeding! Today came close and I am sitting out of the evening sun on the gravel. Garden is taking on new life, though I haven’t managed to plant anything today.

I did have to nip out for bamboo skewers and came back with some plants so I need to plant tomorrow, as well as some more things for Veg Up Front.

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