Loads of nastiness!

I started early going down our boundary pulling out weeds on the neighbouring property line and then cutting out deadheads on the same line. If there is an alternative way of getting shot of the weeds I would gladly use it. Cutting the grass has ultimately helped but it is also very time consuming when things are tipped on the grass and abandoned, which I am starting to realise is a personal habit I have started to cultivate. I’m good a getting you shots of what I want you to see and hiding the areas of mess. Hubby has been clearing a space designated for our new shed. I have rescued plants I had added there but should I tell him about the angle that is obvious when you look at it? His project not mine, but it’s going to be the shed we use for the gardening stuff? Which I will be responsible for mostly.

I love the little festuca glauca seed heads. But it doesn’t have them on the other ones…
Bugless today!

I was sent to eradicate the mares tale and weeds in the front while he worked on the shed base. I am frankly bushed after cutting the grass and spotting more fronds of yon horse grass or whatever you want to call it. It keeps killing off what I want to grow by enabling snails to get to things undercover. I’ve noticed some serious snail damage to the cabbages in the front. Another reason I am limited – I don’t want to be killing slugs and snails in the dead of night – so they get chucked into the brown bin!

Is this bindweed with berries or is it a vine? Was suffocating one of the roses…

I’m feeling decidedly itchy as there are ants nests everywhere. They are finding sand somewhere and building up their little castles which I kick over or mow through, take your pick depending on location. I’m not taking it easy this year by any means but I am suffering fatigue in bucketloads and it’s affecting my sleep. Do you think it will be possible to sleep tonight? HINT it’s a football event that hasn’t happened in years!!!

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