Thinking of digging it all out?!?

The front garden needs burning! The amount of bad stuff has definitely overtaken my joy at my tulips this year? The pebble path has soo many weeds you can’t see the different stones… Mares tail and snails have done for the lilies. Golden rod and valerian is everywhere and almost hides the orange alstroemerias that I love. And fingers crossed that the rain has rescued my birthday plant which fried within a few days of planting… I might relocate…

Lilies I like! Survived the chomping of the beetle… for now!
Clematis on the apple tree which has some goodly sized fruit already!

I spotted a bag of orange bulbs/plants in Morrison’s just now. I will try and plant tomorrow. I also need to utilise the weed burner, though I have been warned not to get too close to the sewer. Tricky as it’s the main weed areas! I need to harvest and sow seeds tomorrow. The barbecue is on and nearly cooked! Yum!

I will start digging tomorrow!

Little salvia already flowering! And look at the hibiscus already!

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