I am not a Football fan!

There it’s out! I can go hide in the garden now… I don’t think it’s going to repair the divisions in the country like some hapless fans caught on camera by the BBC reporter who couldn’t show any of the match for licensing reasons! England have to win against Italy on Sunday but you’d think they have already played by the level of euphoria present. I don’t know what to make of the national pride thing to be honest and I don’t think Bozo wearing an England shirt makes me any less suspicious of his motives. I have to go weed some more…

Hover flies all over…

The front garden is looking strangely taken over by my weed favourites. I have pulled up So MUCH Mares tail and tried to kill or chop the valerian. I now have the yellow one I don’t like forcing it’s way through. I am still working most days as the need for our presence hasn’t declined despite our lockdown freedoms. I still hate computer passwords with a vengeance. I do try but it’s hindering me. I like the system where it is all remembered for you!

Brown bin only for these weeds! Not compostable! Well the rowan might be…

I have done a lot of weeding. I probably should get the lawnmower out. The ants in the front won’t like that. But needs must. There are a lot of lovely flowers open at the moment. Which there are a lot of little beasties taking an interest in.

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