Nearing L day?

As flabbergasted as I was to hear the PM blithely throwing our underprivileged under the bus by announcing no masks, soon, I am pleased that there are rumblings of disquiet. Such a little thing but it reduces my chances of catching COVID by such a significant number, I am not ditching my masks. It is meant to be our freedom day but it also leaves a lot of people even more vulnerable.

ID anyone?
Can you spot the rowans?
Beetroot ready!
Stump! Why was it left like this?

Bozo is certainly not making us bored, but a fellow worker phoned me this am to say he’s doing a PCR test this afternoon so no road trip to the furthest corner of our borough today. So I filled the brown bin by clipping the front hedge for the nth time this year. Repetitive? Labour intensive? Absolutely! But it drew my attention again to the stump left behind a few houses away. I can replace that rowan tree several times over by trees growing through the hedges in the front, but instead we are left with an ugly shard of rowan stump. I despair of the people maintaining the first garden city… its not a proud heritage at the moment and when the tree died on the side of our house during our building works, it was never discussed that it wouldn’t be replaced either. I am Mrs Angry today!

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