Money burning its way out of my pocket!

First proper pay packet came in on my birthday so I’ve not splurged until I saw the plant stall at Hitchin market after work this morning. I’ve bought a hosta, a clematis and some white and blue agapanthus! And I came home to a delivery. My pristine white work shirt will be replaced with gardening gear any minute… I want to replace weeds for lovely things and water my trees! Grass needs culling for sure, but I have planting priorities now! A few of my tubs needed rethinking and the agapanthus offer ideal replacements!

White agapanthus!

There were a few places to start weeding (mostly couch grass or bindweed) before things have been planted and some areas that are regrowing brambles… seriously the comment I heard on the radio about July being the month to enjoy the hard work of March and April… I was cursing Radio 2s lunchtime show! So much is growing – we pulled up a beetroot today – and we could still be weeding every weekend! I have filthy hands for life…

This ‘hot lips’ Salvia has been overtaken by dandelions (gr)

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