June is at an end!

It’s been the oddest month for sure! I’ve had my big birthday and been thoroughly spoiled. I still yearn to visit the seaside, but it’s still not happened! We are going for a road trip on Sunday which could see us close to the sea, perhaps! But there are lots of things happening around the garden and new things keep blossoming!

While most of my irises have died back, I spotted this one today!

The front is looking quite wild considering how much I’ve weeded it but things are looking like I need to do a purge! Valerian is everywhere! I’ve introduced it not realising it was what we already had! And I don’t really like it! I’d much rather have more alstroemerias which are flowering too! They are lovely.

Lots of valerian but also some new ox-eye daisies.
Little beasts love this flower!

Slowly but surely I will develop my garden with my favourites, in every season. This year has seen changes to the seasons – both expected and unexpected – which have flummoxed the most experienced gardeners and challenged the plants and trees to adapt in the changing weather. What a time to be blogging about my experiences! I have to try and plant things that can survive drought, and learn from things that grow despite my attempts at eradication!

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