So exciting!

We are having a meal prepared by my youngest using some of our Veg Up Front (spinach) and my first ever carrots grown in the back. So exciting! And the carrots I pulled up were the most funny contorted shapes!

Pumpkins (or squash) planted!

I have spent an hour with a mentor from Veg Up Front discussing the veg beds. The spinach has gone into our dinner pasta and it was yummy!

Curly carrots 🥕

I have pulled out some snails from the cabbages, which are also progressing well. I’m just not sure whether to cover them over to deter pigeons… but the pigeons have found the back beds (or was it rats?) so maybe I will be lucky and they won’t find those front ones!

I also filled several trugs with weeds and used the veg which has gone over to fill my compost …

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