I’ll have a gin with that!

There is a load of weeding always being the first thing I need to do. There is also watering. It’s a definite June heat now as the delphiniums have flowered, we have one clematis flower and apples are starting to appear on the apple tree. I saw so many things popping up but bindweed has also appeared in that bed now the tulips are finished. I’ve deadheaded the roses, which took a battering in the storm last week. I don’t know if we’ll get a second load of buds but the advice to deadhead did seem to imply it might happen. I’ve planted loads of things in the bed I cleared the daffodils from.

Letchworth Food Festival has chosen good weather to have lots of people out for the first such an event after months of lockdowns. The traders seemed truly grateful to be out too. Some I spoke to did say they had been hard hit by the rules and had only been able to do pop up events. I worked for a while today but I also purchased a ticket for the Open Gardens event on tomorrow which I’ll combine with visiting some central spaces.

First clematis flower

I’ve bought some more lavenders and another Japanese Maple which has been planted into the bed my daughter left to go wild. It wasn’t my intention that they’d end up showing such a lack of interest, but I’ve taken back ownership so that my colours and plants can start to take over. I’ve been covered with ants at all corners so it’s not just a front garden phenomenon but the old apple tree has a wisteria introduced at the base I am hoping the ants won’t dig up. I think that has been the culprit elsewhere too? I am all for wildlife but not when it’s a constant battle.

New dark acer, lavender and salvias with the white lupins my daughter added.
Privet blossom driving bees mad!
I’ve seen some more needing deadheaded! But our work earlier this year has really paid off!

PS More bindweed appearing too! I hate the stuff with a vengeance….

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