Ants are everywhere! As are weeds!

I spent a good wee while pulling up weeds and trying to water plants that are desperate. I honestly don’t balance it that well. Everything is needing soaked and I am not the best at it when I’m not working but having been out a lot doing my new job, regularly upping my step count, it is relaxing to come back and water. I am not doing a shift today but I need to do paperwork. And I am putting it off!

Bees love our garden!
Can you see those grass seeds?

I have tried to eradicate the Mares tail, but there was more today, as well as the creeping vine I pull up every year. It’s heartbreaking considering how much I have pulled out in 5 years! Slugs and snails and planting plants in too much direct sun have seen me lose things. I am feeling quite sad. I have tried the Veg Up Front beds but I have lost track of what we planted and some things haven’t been staked when they needed it. I didn’t know! And pulling up things at random hasn’t stopped them growing back. Lots of learning and dismay, when they don’t disappear like magic!

Even No Mow May has spread into June! And not mowing has been a disaster. I think we have at least six types of grasses in the front and back as they have different seed heads. Wildflowers have bloomed and seeded everywhere. There is insect life of every kind as well and dandelions? Don’t get me started! There are at least four different kinds. Time for lunch? Stiff gin more like!

Oxeye daisies with beasties…
Lots of these flowers ☺️

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